Liquid Referrals

When Your Refer, You Earn


What Is the Liquid Referral Program?

  • For every paid float that you refer, you receive $20 in store credit.
  • Using your unique code, each of your referrals will get a 25% discount.
  • Additionally, we will offer Self-Promotion Services for wellness oriented business owners.

It's Easy.

Step 1: Go to Booking Page


Step 2: Click on "Me" tab


Step 3: Get your referral code!

Submit artwork here

to receive a digital business card that you can easily share with all potential referrals!

    We've seen our referral partners get great results using Liquid's custom promo sheet!

  • We'll create a shareable flyer for you, which will include your promo code, logo, and instructions.
  • This custom media will allow you to share electronically to maximize your referral follow through.
  • For best results, be sure to customize your code! Just text your name and desired code to 512-387-6931.

Some of Our Current Referral Partners